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Talking to Kids About Porn

Talking to Kids About Porn As a sex and relationship therapist and coach, my work is exclusively with adults.  The majority of themes I address are topics that stem from a lack of knowledge about sex and a lack of experience in managing complex feelings in and out of relationships. Many adults find these topics […]

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How to Have Spontaneous Sex

How to Have Spontaneous SexAhhh – spontaneous sex. Even the phrase alone conjures images of youth, tropical holidays, cocktails by the beach and random acts of lust in the back of cars. The longing many of us have for spontaneous sex is not so much the idea that we’re just walking down the street and […]

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Porndemonium I am part of several online groups for sex professionals, which are a great source of inspiration and also discussion. Recently, a discussion erupted into a slagging match in which one member criticised some of the senior educators in our global community for not doing ‘enough’ about the ‘crisis’. Crisis? I thought. What crisis […]

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