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or use the form below & let us know your location. Email is our preferred  and most rapid method of communication and we endeavour to respond to most emails on the same day (maximum 24 hours, excluding weekends).


Sometimes our emails get jammed in your JUNK folder or worse, not delivered to you at all! This is because our emails may contain words like ‘sex‘, ‘pleasure‘ or ‘desire‘ that most spam filters think are unsolicited spam or hoax/scam emails. To be sure you get all our emails, add our domain (at)cyndidarnell(dot)com to your safe list. Even if you don’t have or use a safe list, doing this or adding us to your address book will help make sure you get our replies. If you don’t hear from us, look in your junk/spam folder. If there’s still nothing, email us directly instead of using the form.

*Cyndi does not offer urgent crisis counselling or emergency services counselling. If you are in immediate trouble – please contact Lifeline across Australia on 13 11 14 – or Switchboard for LGBTQ emergency help- 1800 184 527

For client cancellations – please email with 48 hours notice.

For media inquiries email