Super Stuff

  1. The Atlas of Erotic Anatomy & Arousal. Revolutionary sex education for adults.
  2. Sex, Autism, Asperger's & Intellectual Disabilities
  3. Porn Research Dot Org Ethical empirical research of over 5000+ volunteers who watch porn, why they do it and so much more. Many orientations, genders and persuasions represented.
  4. Safer Sex For Trans Bodies - English and Spanish
  5. Primed. A safer sex guide for transmen and the men who love them
  6. Woodhull for Sexual Freedom

People Whose Work Has Changed My Life

  1. Barbara Carrellas  One of my first sex teachers and greatest mentors. A delightful combination of  sexual intelligence, artistic vision and world-class sex education. (USA)
  2. Tristan Taormino Feminist sex author, educator and film maker. (USA)
  3. Elle Chase Sex educator, body image advocate, speaker, event curator and author.(USA)
  4. Meg John Barker Author, educator, speaker, binary buster, thought leader, revolutionary. (UK)
  5. Gala Vanting Erotic Imaginist, Educator, Speaker, Film maker, Curator, Artist. (Australia)

For Young People

  1. Scarleteen One of the best online sex education sites in the world for young people. (over 14)
  2. Sex Etc US based teen sex info website. Great info for younger people ( under 14)  about sex, feelings and health.
  3. BishUK. Exceptional resources and articles for young people ( over 14) and resources for teachers and parents.
  4. Minus 18 Excellent sexuality resource for queer youngsters just starting on their sexual journey. (Australia).
  5. Safe Schools Coallition (Australia) anti bullying education and support for LGBTIQ kids and their families & friends
  6. Love, Sex & Relationships  Lesson plans for teachers and those who work with young people.
  7. Sex On The Map - Swedish animated sex-ed film for people 14+ based on the questions young people ask about sex, relationships and porn.
  8. For Foxes' Sake Everyone needs a sex fairy godmother. That person who you can talk to about sex, drugs, rock n roll and how to find the perfect shade of red lipstick.
  9. Everyone Deserves Sex Ed. (EDSE) provides a range of education-based services, and educators are trauma-informed, inclusive, and LGBTQIA+ friendly.

Resources for Australia

  1. Body Electric Oz. The work of Body Electric is to help people experience their potential as fully integrated, loving and self-aware beings through personal growth exercises, touch, conscious breath, and honouring the wisdom of the body.
  2. Minus 18 Excellent sexuality resource for queer youngsters just starting on their sexual journey.
  3. Transgender Victoria Supporting the trans and gender diverse community.
  4. Love, Sex & Relationships A guide for secondary school teachers and aides to help include sex and relationships education into their classes.
  5. Nikki Darling Safe, friendly and inviting sex toy shopping experience online.
  6. Medica Complete Health Holistic wellness centre providing massage, osteopathy, medicinal herbs and more
  7. Touching Base
  8. Scarlet Alliance
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