Mapping Your Way To Better Sex, Greater Pleasure & Deeper Connections

This is the sex education you should have gotten in school but never did.

The Revolution in Adult Sex Education Is Here

The first and only one of its kind in the world!

Why Do You Need This?

  • ​Imagine having the confidence to enjoy sex fully.
  • Imagine feeling the freedom you long to  feel when you know how and why your body does the things it does.
  • Imagine knowing the joy of your body and how it responds to pleasure.
  • Imagine feeling confident with new (and old) partners and how their bodies work.

The truth is, it's hard to know what others are doing and experiencing if you've never learned how to ask and talk about it. This is sex education for people who really want to know about the physical joys of sex and pleasure.
This is modern erotic atlas for sensual pioneers and old-hands alike. Suitable for all genders and orientations.
Addressing the topics people want to know;

  • from erections to large labia
  • from orgasms to the majesty of the clitoris
  • from squirting to pain free anal sex
  • and the secrets of being a better lover

it’s all here for you in 5 comprehensive and fun video modules. 

Because it brings essential information about sex and the body front and center. The truth is we live in a culture that is pretty uncomfortable talking about sex. Partners find it difficult, doctors are not trained in pleasure, psychologists are not trained in human sexuality and social workers are not trained in intimate education, yet these are the people we expect to help us. We have very few places we can access reliable, accurate and meaningful sex education without the shame of feeling like 'I'm a grown-up, I should know better by now''. 

This 5 part video series is designed to teach you how our bodies work from a sex and pleasure perspective, not about making babies. This is more like Sex Ed 301.

Sex education for the real reasons we do it, pleasure and connection!

These 5 videos can also be purchased individually. 

Intended for audiences aged 16 and above, the content within these modules addresses some of the most burning questions people have about sex and the body in our modern era.

This isn't condoms on bananas and where do babies come from; this is advanced anatomical knowledge designed to help you create a more fulfilling sex life whether partnered or solo, and suitable for all orientations.

Mature, informative, accurate and relevant to your erotic needs, this is online sex education that changes lives! It certainly changed mine! The more you know, the more power you have to take control of your erotic wellbeing and create a sex life that is as fulfilling as it is exciting.

No, sex ed isn't just for kids. If it were, I wouldn't have a job and you wouldn't be reading this. There are so many myths about what 'normal' sex should be like, and because we don't talk about it, most of us just don't even know how our bodies work sexually beyond 'making babies'. But when you think about it, is that really why any of us have sex? For making babies? Yet we still regard sex education as being about this and this only, even though for most of us, it's simply not the reason we do it.

If you struggle with sex, pleasure, arousal, erections, orgasms or painful sex this guide explains what's happening, why it's happening and what you can do about it.

MODULE 1: The Penis: Mightier than the Sword

In this module, you will learn everything you need to know about the penis and beyond from a sex and pleasure perspective.
Whether you have one or love someone with one or would like to know more about them, this video will show you what you need to know about what they are, how they work and bust a few myths about their simplicity, and instead, show you their wonder. At the end of this video, you will be a penis expert!

MODULE 2: Vulvapalooza

Welcome to Vulvapalooza. In this module, you will learn everything you need to know about the vulva inside and out - from pleasure perspective, not a reproduction perspective.
Whether you have one or love someone with one or would like to know more about them, this video will show you what you need to know about what they are, how they work, and eliminate the mystery often associated with them. At the end of this video, you will be a vulvapalooza expert!

MODULE 3: Squirts & Gushes: There She Blows

The hidden world of the G Spot, Orgasm and Ejaculation.

In this module we travel into the hidden world of the G Spot, Orgasm and Ejaculation. Still hotly debated and misunderstood, this practice is an experience like no other. We’ll discover what it is and is not, it’s relationship to pleasure, and how to make it happen for you.
Whether you’ve tried it, want to try it, or have no idea what this is about, this video will lead you on a journey of sexual discovery deep within the heart of the vagina to long forgotten lands and beyond.

MODULE 4: Butt: That's Not All

A beginner’s guide to pleasurable and healthy anal sex.

Out of the closet and into our lives, anal is the new black! Whether you’ve tried it and loved it, whether you’ve tried it and hated it, there is so much more to anal pleasure than meets the eye, and this module is designed to bring you beginners knowledge in order to ensure your transition into to delights of anal pleasure is fun, healthy and pain free. By the end of this video you’ll know everything you need to know to have hot and pleasurable pain free anal sex.

MODULE 5: What To Do With What You Find

'What to Do With What You Find' (An introduction to Erotic Massage Basics) shows you how to engage in hand jobs & fingering for exquisite pleasure. After learning how the anatomy works, learn what to do with what you find. This video covers an introduction to erotic massage for vulvas and penises.

Join The Revolution 

Who Is Cyndi Darnell?

Sex therapist NYC Cyndi DarnellI’m an internationally renowned clinical sexologist, sex and relationship therapist, sex coach and educator. My work has been featured around the world on TV, radio and print media including international publications like The New York Times, The Washington Post, New York Magazine, O-The Oprah Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Guardian, Vice, Mind Body Green, Bustle, Cosmo and so many more.

I have spent over 20 years studying and exploring human sexuality, pleasure, connection, emotions and relationships, not to mention having my own fair share of experiences along the way. It’s the culmination of this work that has lead me here to create this online school for you.

So many of us get no sex education, limited sex education or simply do not know how to integrate the information we find about sex online. Many of us have no one to talk to about this stuff and some of us don’t feel comfortable even discussing this with our partners. There is still a stigma about seeing a sex therapist or asking for help because we are expected to just magically know how sex works, as if sex is natural and everything we need to know gets downloaded by magic with no effort on our part at all. But none of this is true. Just like learning to paint, draw or cook, we must learn from someone who knows more than we do, at least to get us started on new techniques.

Imagine approaching sex with same curiosity and excitement you feel about taking a new class instead of dread or awkwardness. Imagine having the skills to be able to really understand yourself, your body and your partner’s body and truly share that with another.

Like with anything worthwhile, if we want to master something, we need to invest in it. To learn it. Practice it and dedicate some time to it. Sex is one of those things. Right now you have two options. You can continue as you have been, hoping things will get better, avoiding the frustration, underwhelm and disappointment of 'business-as-usual' sex or you can make the decision to do something different, to learn more about sex, pleasure desire, touch, the body and so much more.

I am super excited to have these offerings for you and I look forward sharing my knowledge and expertise to help you create a life worth loving.

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Atlas of Erotic Anatomy & Arousal Reviews

The Atlas of Erotic Anatomy and Arousal is online video education that explores sexual pleasure and sexual anatomy from a sex-positive perspective. Written and presented by a sex educator and therapist, Cyndi Darnell, this video is an excellent resource for adult individuals interested in learning about their bodies and having fulfilling sexual experiences with their partners. The video series provides scientifically accurate and pleasure-based information about the anatomy of the vulva, the penis, and the anus, and the physiology of orgasm and ejaculation, in an entertaining manner.

Not only is she brilliant, funny, sexy and smart-mouthed, but she has also just released one of the most important, entertaining and effective pieces of sex education I have ever seen: The Atlas of Erotic Anatomy and Arousal. Now, if you are thinking atlas—as in a boring collection of maps that you only look to when you’re lost—think again. This is one of the most entertaining educational series about sex ever, and it’s focused entirely on pleasure. I have seen all 5 of these modules—multiple times! Cyndi is whimsical, honest, and endlessly creative. These videos are so much fun you’ll almost forget you’re learning so much about pleasure. I am so excited about them I have made them required viewing for all the students in my professional Training Program. Check out all 5 modules. They are the best bargain in sex ed today. Barbara Carrellas – Author of Urban Tantra.


In the twentieth century, I knew more about meridians and chakras than vestibular bulbs, the vas deferens and the amazing potential of the smooth muscle tissue of the inner anal sphincter. One of the best somatic sex education resources I have encountered is Cyndi Darnell’s video guide“The Atlas of Erotic Anatomy & Arousal”. Cyndi created this resource for people who like sex and for those who want to like sex better. I wish this were available 30 years ago”. – Joseph Kramer –Visionary and Creator of Sexological Bodywork

Attending your presentation of two atlas modules was an eye-opener for me—thank you! If only the Atlas of Erotic Anatomy & Arousal   could be taught in Junior High Schools—it would save so many lives. Your presentation is friendly, non-threatening, and warmly funny. I was completely engaged with the video, and I look forward to seeing it many more times, cuz I learned so much in just one viewing! The atlas is a game-changer for transgender people, especially those who are considering genital surgery. Most of us modify our genitals for the sake of realness, and a personal sense of integrity. Very few of us go into gender confirmation surgery with the knowledge of how this might really affect our sex lives. What’s more, the atlas is a must-see for every doctor and therapist who care for trans people. Bless your heart for putting together such a loving, funny, and important tool for all of us. Kate Bornstein. Author of Gender Outlaw, My Gender Workbook and Queer and Pleasant Danger.

I have been working in sex education for over 16 years now and I can truly say that Cyndi Darnell’s Atlas of Erotic Anatomy and Arousal    really is a revolution in sex education and one of the best practical and down-to-earth sex education resources I have ever seen. This video series offers you all the information you need about sex and the body to really know how our bodies work for pleasure, and how to make your connections more fun and fulfilling. Blending science with straight forward knowledge, technique, and humor, Cyndi’s whimsical and empowering videos to guide you through the all the questions you have about how and why sex works the way it does and how we can enjoy ourselves more; no matter our gender, our genitals or our identity. This video series is a must-have for sex educators and lay people alike. Tristan Taormino. Author, Sex Educator, Film Maker.

In my ten years working as a sex therapist I have not seen educational material as good as Cyndi Darnell’s Atlas of Erotic Anatomy and Arousal. It is straightforward, easy to understand and damned good sex education for adults. It is relevant for everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation or any sexual preferences you may have.

Cyndi has collaborated with anatomists, medical specialists, researchers, teachers, practitioners and sexual health professionals from all around the world to produce this first-class education tool. She has broken things down into 4 parts:Vulvapalooza– the vulva, anatomy and arousal; Squirts and Gushes– about the G-spot and ejaculation;The Penis is Mightier than the Sword– the penis anatomy and arousal; and  Butt That’s Not All– a beginners guide to anal sex.

Cyndi walks viewers through anatomy, physiology, physiological responses to arousal and much more. She takes the time to dispel myths and to tell us what feels good and importantly what DOESN’T feel good. She is easy to understand, uses the right amount of humour and addresses the questions many people are too afraid to ask. I recommend Cyndi’s videos to many clients and they agree, it is educational, its fun and they have found the content extremely relevant. They learned a lot! If you are a sex educator or teacher, this is mandatory viewing. If you want to learn more about sex, your body, arousal systems, look no further. Five Stars. - Tanya Koens. Sexologist. Sydney – Australia

In the Atlas of Erotic Anatomy, Cyndi Darnell explains with warmth, humour and a great deal of technical understanding, how our “pleasure organs” work and how to enhance the sex we have.  Cyndi has a way of explaining the complexities of the human body in terms everyone can understand.  We have adopted this series as essential core viewing for several of our own courses from the Post Graduate Diploma to our Certificate in Diverse Sexualities, Relationships and Lifestyles and our Introduction to Clinical Sexology with Gender and Sexual Diversities. This series will be a vital and welcome addition to any therapist’s library and the videos have also been recommended to clients wishing to gain a better understanding of their bodies and how they work. - Dominic Davies, Fellow of British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy.  Consultant Clinical Sexologist and CEO Pink Therapy

This Atlas is like gold dust!  A great resource to signpost psychosexual counseling clients to for something they can watch and learn from at home in their own time. Great value, easy to access, fun, informative and flirty. Adult sex ed as it should be! Clare Staunton – Psychosexual and Relationship Counsellor (COSRT Accredited)