Frequently Asked Questions


What Happens?

First and foremost we identify your hopes and your problem/s then we work toward solutions. It’s amazing how many people try to change their lives, relationships and sexual dynamics without first establishing the incentives or problems. I offer specialized perspectives on topics most clinicians are not trained in or shy away from. Unlike a lot of more traditional approaches, I help you reduce the mind / body split and get connected to your body, your senses, your feelings and, where required, the birthright that is your erotic self. You were born this way and our work is designed to take you back home. I use various talk techniques as well as somatic (body-based) and emotional experiencing techniques as the tools for change. 

Sessions are focused on the here and now to help you develop skills and confidence where you need them most. Sometimes we look at history where knowledge from the past is holding you back in the present, but mostly we look at where you are today and where you want to be. I draw on a profound range of ideas, up-to-date clinical research and useful, transformative physical, mental and emotional practices to help you create a meaningful understanding of sex, pleasure and relationships in your life.  If typical talk therapy leaves you feeling like you're going in circles with no action, you'll love working with me. We chat, we laugh, we talk about big stuff and practice incorporating new ideas, practices and ways of dealing with old problems. You'll likely get homework to try and with your commitment, changes can happen pretty quickly. 

The benefit of a small, bespoke practice is the premium service offered and support between sessions. Quick fixes, 'hacks' and endless talking are simply not going to cut it in these contexts, so you can be assured of the quality and laser-focused attention you are getting. 

Is There Touching Involved?

No. I do not touch you sexually or intimately at all. And you do not touch me. I may give you touching homework to practice alone or with a partner.


  • During COVID-19 all sessions are happening online
  • In person Deep Dive sessions happen in upper Manhattan by appointment Monday - Thursday. Day and evening sessions available.
  • Weekend retreats are varied according to application
  • All other sessions are online via Zoom video.

How Many Sessions Do I / We Need?

New clients / first sessions are all 90 minutes. 

People start seeing a change after the first session – generally 10-20 sessions is common. Our work together is short-to-medium term. With your dedication to the practice, in 10 sessions you will have a richer understanding of what you're experiencing and the tools you need to transform your sex life / relationship life.  In 20 you will be on your way to making lasting, satisfying, permanent change and in 30 you’ll have a whole new relationship to sex, pleasure and intimacy.

We will co-create a therapeutic connection and really invest in getting you the change you seek. After you feel you've gotten to where you want to be in your own time, you’re welcome to stay as long as you like after that. In between sessions, you will have access to me via email and text, so you will feel fully supported all the way. Many people enjoy the ongoing relationship. It's important we are a good fit and I am as particular about you, as you are about me. Not everyone is a good fit, so it's important we are in alignment in our wishes and intentions. Choosing a professional is like choosing a friend. Our initial clarity call allows us to explore this and your intentions more fully.

  • Deep Divers get 20-minute initial video interview to help us get clear on our work together - no coaching or advice offered (free).
  • Starter packages of 5 x 90 min sessions 3 month expiration
  • Ongoing 45/90-minute session for individuals / couples
  • V.I.P. Weekend Couple's Retreats only by application

How Do We Talk To You? Where Do We Start?

You first decide you are ready for change and ready to level up. You are ready to compassionately cut through the BS to help you get closer to where you want to be - personally, romantically and sexually. You're ready to discover your desires and passions & integrate this new powerful wisdom. You are ready to be met with both passion and compassion.  You want support, education and facts to support your process. You may have been in therapy before or are ready to really take a deep dive into making some changes that previous therapists just didn't offer you.  You're seeking guidance, strategy, sensitivity, accountability and are committed to really working on what's getting in your way.   Contact me to begin the process

What Are Your Qualifications?

I am an internationally recognized sexuality and relationship expert and clinical sexologist with a proven record as a go-to expert in modern sexuality in the USA, UK and Australia. I'm also trained as a counselor and Narrative therapist. I'm published in both clinical journals and popular media. Check the About page here.

  • Master of Health Sciences (Sexual Health) (University of Sydney)
  • Master of Narrative Therapy & Community Work (University of Melbourne)
  • Post Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Human Services (La Trobe University)
  • Post Graduate Diploma of Applied Linguistics (La Trobe University)
  • Bachelor of Education (La Trobe University)

Not all relationship specialists are trained in sexuality and pleasure, and not all sexologists are competent at integrating relationship and life dynamics. I offer the whole package. You won't be passed-off to a junior or graduate level assistant. 

Do You Mentor Clinicians & Professionals?

Yes. Most clinicians ( therapists, doctors, physical / physiotherapists, yoga teachers etc) are not adequately trained in comprehensive sexuality studies, somatic sexuality or how to integrate sexuality and complex sexual dynamics into clinical practice. I offer extensive support for this. Read more about this here

What About LGBTQ & Sexual Minorities?

All genders, orientations and relationship styles are safe and welcome with me including kinksters, SWs, adult industry professionals and alt sex aficionados. I have ample experience working with gender-diverse communities, SW communities and those whose sexuality sits outside the margins.

What About Trauma?

Explicit continuing crisis trauma, like unresolved, ongoing violence and physical / sexual abuse require specialist trauma intervention. If you are in immediate crisis / danger, we are not a good fit yet.  When you are ready to start healing historic sexual and emotional trauma, my work is a perfect fit for you. We go at your pace as gentle or strong as you like. Healing the erotic and the soul is powerful and liberating work.

But....I only have one question

 Email consultations are best for that. 

Me and my boo want to learn 'all the things.'

V.I.P Couple's Sensual Retreats are available for  full weekend. I am also available to travel. More information is here

I Feel Nervous About Starting

I got you! That’s my job! Our work together is confidential. All you need to do is contact me.


Book Me

Contact me to begin the process.


What Are Your Fees?

My fees reflect my years of experience and specialized training in clinical and somatic sexology. I accept full fee at or before (online) the time of service via cash, check, Venmo, credit card or Paypal in US dollars. Pricing options are available during the introductory consultation.

Typical sessions range between $200 - $550 for shorter or longer sessions & between individuals / couples / small groups. 

Sliding Scale

Some sliding scale places may be available for online sessions only during business hours Eastern time. To be considered, you must complete this form. Priority is given to individuals and couples from marginalized communities who are unable to pay for specialist help.  Not all requests can be honored.


Do You Take Insurance?

I do NOT accept insurance. No out-of-network coverage is possible either. I know, it's a bummer, but clinical sexology , coaching and relationships counseling are not covered.

In the USA you may be able to submit counseling for reimbursement through your FSA or HSA, often with a Letter of Medical Necessity. This varies by plan and you should check with your provider. I can not tell you more about that, it's in their hands.

The good news is that sex and couple’s coaching usually qualifies for reimbursement as “health coaching” under workplace wellness benefits. Yippee!

Receipts are supplied for consulting or health coaching – no mention of ‘sex’ or diagnosis for your privacy and discretion. Let's discuss further options for the best outcomes for you.