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The Online Pleasure School offers intimacy courses for couples and individuals of all orientations & genders, who want to enjoy healthy, nourishing sex, relationships and pleasure. These online workshops make connection, desire, embodiment, authentic relationships, couples massage, self pleasure and passionate sex, accessible to everyone, right in their own homes. These online sex therapy courses bridge the pleasure gap for adults. No sleazy gimmicks - just great sex education for mature audiences, in ways that are helpful for you and your relationships. Pleasure, communication, passion, desire, connection and so much more can be yours.

The Pleasure Program

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Your Comprehensive Beginners' Guide To Creating A Life of Pleasure & Passion

The Atlas Of Erotic Anatomy & Arousal

Mapping your way to better sex, more pleasure, and deeper connections. This is the sex education that will change your relationship to pleasure - forever.

The Desire Series

Struggling with low desire? Experiencing mismatched desire in your relationship? Got 'too much' desire? Desire is a super common problem in modern relationships. There are  so many myths about desire and intimacy in long term relationships it's hard to know where to start. The Desire Series online class specifically addresses the most common problems people have with desire and what to do about it.

30 Days of Amazing Sex

More than just a 30 Day Sex Challenge - 30 Days Of Amazing Sex is a step-by-step 'how to' course that shows you everything you need to know make sex AMAZING. It's simple, user friendly and designed to get you having amazing sex in less than one month! How good is THAT? This program is designed specifically for both solo and partnered people of all genders.

Who Is Cyndi Darnell?

Cyndi Darnell sex therapist NYC online sex coachI’m Cyndi Darnell internationally renowned clinical sexologist, sex and relationship therapist, sex coach and educator. My work has been featured around the world on TV, radio and print media including international publications like The Washington Post, New York Magazine, O-The Oprah Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Guardian, Vice, Mind Body Green, Bustle, Cosmo and so many more. I have spent over 20 years studying and exploring human sexuality, pleasure, connection, emotions and relationships, not to mention having my own fair share of experiences along the way. It’s the culmination of this work that has lead me here to create this online school for you. So many of us get no sex education, limited sex education or simply do not know how to integrate the information we find about sex online. Many of us have no one to talk to about this stuff and some of us don’t feel comfortable even discussing this with our partners. There is still a stigma about seeing a sex therapist or asking for help because we are expected to just magically know how sex works, as if sex is natural and everything we need to know gets downloaded by magic with no effort on our part at all. But none of this is true. Just like learning to paint, draw or cook, we must learn from someone who knows more than we do, at least to get us started on new techniques. Imagine approaching sex with same curiosity and excitement you feel about taking a new class instead of dread or awkwardness. Imagine having the skills to be able to really understand yourself, your body and your partner’s body and truly share that with another. Like with anything worthwhile, if we want to master something, we need to invest in it. To learn it. Practice it and dedicate some time to it. Sex is one of those things. Right now you have two options. You can continue as you have been, hoping things will get better, avoiding the frustration, underwhelm and disappointment of 'business-as-usual' sex or you can make the decision to do something different, to learn more about sex, pleasure desire, touch, the body and so much more. I am super excited to have these offerings for you and I look forward sharing my knowledge and expertise to help you create a life worth loving.