Mindfulness & Intimacy – Overcome Intimacy Problems

Mindfulness is an ancient practice based in Buddhist traditional meditation that has been adapted for the West and popularised since the 1970s.

Far from being feel-good mumbo jumbo, scientists and researchers globally can attest to the effectiveness of mindfulness practices to work with a variety of conditions from post traumatic stress disorder and chronic anxiety through to depression and debilitating pain.

More recently a variety of studies have conclusively proven that mindfulness is also especially effective in working with problems of sex and intimacy[1]. Research has shown that low sexual desire is experienced by the majority (75%) of older women, 39% of women aged 45-64, and 22% of younger women and been effectively treated with the application of sex-specific mindfulness programs.[2] Beyond this mindfulness practices have also been helpful in working with symptoms of genital / sexual pain, gynecological cancer and distress from a history of sexual abuse.[3]

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