The (4)The Desire Series online course offers you 3 hours of informative and useful video tutorial along with 11 unique and detailed worksheets designed to transform your relationship with desire.

These three live webinar recordings delve deep into the most common problems many people struggle with regarding their relationship with desire, and offer you tailored solutions through the carefully crafted worksheets to help you understand how your desire operates.


Whether you are curious about desire, struggle with desire or are in relationship with someone who struggles with desire, this program is designed specifically to help you understand:

  • what desire is
  • common myths and misunderstandings about desire
  • what science tells us about desire
  • how desire and arousal work
  • why people experience desire differently
  • what activates desire
  • identifying your relationship with desire
  • working with and communicating what you find
  • an introduction to managing desire discrepancy or mismatched libido (when your sex drives do not match)
  • plus a variety of exercises, reflections and practices to help you understand your desire and the desire of others.

Who this course is for?

This is a program for people who have an interest in understanding the delicious, quirky and frustrating elements of sexual desire. It’s for people who are curious, enthusiastic or willing to explore themselves to see what they find there. This course explores the known science and theory behind desire and also the esoteric knowledge of desire’s ways that makes it so unique to each of us. We will examine what drives our own desire and also consider the most common blockages to accessing this powerful energy. Learn what it means and what to do when desire drops, and explore some of the distractions that can take us off into unhelpful directions when getting to know desire in ourselves and in others.

If desire, libido and lust are words that prick up your ears and fill you with a sense of inquiry, this course is for you. Suitable for all genders, levels of interest and orientations.

The (2)

Module Overview

Module 1

  • What is desire?
  • Top 5 myths about desire how they affect us; could they be affecting you / your partner?
  • Different types of desire, and who gets them and why.
  • The difference between desire and arousal, and why it matters.
  • Biology – hormones, the brain, aging, gender – how much is too much / not enough and is it real and does it matter?
  • Meeting desire – your personal worksheet to know your desire
  • What brings you pleasure? Getting to the heart of the matter.

Module 2

  • Top 3 things sexually satisfied people have in common
  • Why they are important and how you can cultivate them in your own life.
  • Keeping the spark alive.
  • Rekindling – letting the fire burn.
  • How do you create what was never there?
  • The key ingredients to moving forward

Module 3

  • Mismatched libido – When you and your partner are out of sync.
  • Communicating what you find – script for discussing discrepancy – script for unhelpful self-talk.
  • Blockages to desire and a new approach to working with them
  • Tips and suggestions
  • Further resources.

3 x 1 hour video recordings, plus 11 comprehensive worksheets creating a program around 10 hours in duration, crafted to meet you where you are at – at your own level.

Learn and practice at your own pace. The recordings and worksheets are yours to use for unlimited duration.

What this course is not…

This course is not a one size fits all. Desire is deeply personal so while the guidance here is thorough; it is an invitation to explore, get curious and reframe.

The tools, resources and worksheets act as a facilitator for journeying toward greater understanding of erotic self – whatever that might be. This is not about trying to fit square pegs into round holes, instead it’s an opportunity to learn more about what is already there! If you have struggled with desire in the past I invite you to join us on this passage of discovery with an open mind and an open heart.

If you are looking for A + B = C or guarantees of perfect, flawless sex every time, then this course is not for you. I recognize that desire is far more complex than simple equations; (after all if it were so straight forward, people wouldn’t be struggling with it), so I am committed to offering you a program that genuinely helps you get more from your relationships with yourself and with others.

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If you long to know more about erotic desire, passion, what your turn-ons are and how to communicate them with your partner/s – then step right this way.

Cyndi Darnell 1-16-74 (2)About Cyndi

Cyndi Darnell is Australia’s leading sex and relationship therapist and sex educator. She is also a renowned public speaker and leading expert on sex and sexual anatomy; having created the widely heralded Atlas of Erotic Anatomy & Arousal series. She has been published in every major newspaper in Australia and been resident Sex Therapist on the ABC television series Luke Warm Sex. A pleasure enthusiast, Cyndi is passionate and skilled in working with all kinds of people around sex, sexuality, relationship and intimacy issues.

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