Sexologist Cyndi Darnell joins August to explore sexual desire, including related myths, how to make improvements and The Desire Series.

Cyndi Darnell Sex Therapist New York City

The world has issues around sex. The issues are more common than you would think. Erika talks with Cyndi Darnell, international sex and relationship therapist. Cyndi has moved from Australia to the United States and explored the commonalities and differences between the countries and issues with sex and relationships.

In our continued pursuit of all conversations sex & kink, this weeks' guest Cyndi Darnell, a leading sex therapist and educator, brings us back to our human core: INTIMACY. We have an in depth convo about fostering intimacy within our various types of relationships. Cyndi also illuminates how her clientele has changed over time, and addresses some of the most common issues that bring clients into her office (we're looking at you sexual dysfunction stress!). PLUS Lola and Stephen cover some butt stuff with a listener email. With so many great nuggets from this weeks episode perhaps the most poignant is: Ask not only what do you want, but what can you offer.

GWF chats with  erotic philosopher CYNDI DARNELL  The gals learn about her philosophy of sex therapy, her success rate of getting women to cum, ...

One of our favorite guests is back!  Cyndi Darnell, the best sex therapist you know, is here to answer questions about who needs sex therapy!

Episode 84 - Who Needs Sex Therapy?



Cyndi Darnell Sexologist NYC

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