Supercharge Your Sex Life

Cyndi’s presentation will begin with a small intro into why pleasure matters and then some practical, useful and even life-changing tips and ideas on how to be a better lover including how to handle our lovers’ bodies with more confidence. Cyndi will share some secrets of Taoist erotic massage including such moves as ‘Rock Around the Cock (and Clit) Clock’ ‘The Juicer’, ‘The Vulcan Grip’, ‘Divine Drumming’ ‘Twist and Shout’ and so much more.

The audience will enjoy an opportunity for a robust Q&A with Cyndi afterwards where no question is off limits. Seriously – No question… People of all ages and orientations delight in Cyndi’s hilarious and knowledgeable presentations about how sex really works. This is what you should have been taught in high school sex ed – but weren’t and how to make pleasure your priority! Perfect for hen’s / buck’s parties and girls nights.