What is Sex Positivity?

Sex Positivity, can mean many things to many people.

To me, being sex-positive means I embrace the notions of pleasure and sexuality in an affirmative light. I see sex and pleasure as integral parts of the human condition, and not something that we should be ashamed of or feel embarrassed about.

 ericBeing sex-positive means not only having an interest in sex, but also educating yourself and others about what sex and pleasure can be. It does not mean forcing one’s opinions upon others nor does it mean casting a judgement on those who disagree as then being ‘sex negative‘.

It does not mean having lots of sex, nor having sex without consent, but it does mean creating space for talking about the kind of sex you would like.

It’s about stepping beyond binary understandings of sex and gender – moving away from ideas around sex that are only black and white, toward more inclusive models of erotic expression. Models that emphasise physical, spiritual, mental and emotional liberation and consent.  

When we only ever see black and white when it comes to sex, we will always miss the dawning of the rainbow.