Sex, Fire & Freedom – Testimonials

“Sex Fire and Freedom is a warm, safe and positive space for women to truly comprehend and express their sexuality, their thoughts, their fears and their triumphs. A total cleansing experience, that opens your heart and nourishes your mind. Cyndi guides and educates with grace and poise – this workshop is a definite must for every sensual woman who’s yearning for just that little bit extra.” – Jessica

“Everyone in the whole world should do this workshop” – Dina

”The workshop was beautifully structured and flowed in a way that really facilitated my unfolding. The women in the group were gorgeous respectful and loving. I feel in my power and look forward to my future relating, blossoming and my confidence soaring. Thank you Cyndi’‘ – Shae

”Enjoyed the energy and sense of humour. Would be keen to do more” – Fiona

”Thank you Cyndi for an amazing workshop- that was inspiring and FUN!” – Tina

”Beautiful day overall- a REAL pleasure” – “Very effective” – Cathy

”Real, grounded and professional. LOVED it!” – B

“Beautiful, powerful, life – changing” – Alya

“Thankyou for your awesome workshop!  It was fun, engaging, and gave me lot’s of tools to use when I feel like I’m getting stuck.  You helped me rediscover my inner fire! I can’t recommend you highly enough.”– K

”Sometimes in life you don’t know what you don’t know. Cyndi guides and teaches you things about yourself & life that you may not have anticipated and you’re so much better for it. She’s a wise, warm wonder woman.” -Lil

”Thanks Cyndi for setting me on a path of exploration and allowing me to enjoy myself and my partner” – Tam

“Cyndi created an environment for us which was safe, non-judgmental and respectful.  The women who attended openly shared their stories if they chose to and I felt supported and grateful to be surrounded by such beautiful and caring women. This workshop was one of the most valuable investments I have made – time and money wise.  The relationship we have with ourselves is the most important one and I would highly recommend attending this wonderful day.  You will come out with a better understanding of who you are.” – Sally

“I can truly say the experience has been life altering for me! The path of self discovery it has sent me down has been amazing….The workshop was run by Cyndi and her lovely assistants and was  very professional and very well run… A lot of planning and organising obviously went into it and this made the day an enjoyable journey of learning…. With a number of like minded ladies sharing thoughts and ideas its certainly an experience I wish to repeat…” – Rebecca

“Sex, Fire and Freedom with Cyndi Darnell was just what I needed.  It helped me to get clear on what I want and need from a sexual relationship and gave me the strength to give myself permission to ask for it!  Thanks Cyndi.  Looking forward to a more sexually fulfilling future.”  Karen

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