Cyndi is unlike any presenter in this space. We had the pleasure of having Cyndi come to speak to our professional network to ask the question: are we having the right conversations about lesbian, bisexual and queer woman’s sexuality? Cyndi provided a highly engaging  learning experience grounded in evidence-based content and enhanced by a passionate and nuanced provocation to lean into our learning edges. A highly skilled speaker, Cyndi’s unique combination of education, practice experience, personal wisdom and humour helped create the ideal space to challenge the assumptions of our practice and policy frameworks. – Jackson Fairchild. Manager – Counselling, Family Violence and AOD Services Programs. Victorian AIDS Council. 

We recently hosted Cyndi Darnell at our College where she gave a presentation titled “Sex and Dating in the 21st Century” and the event proved to be wildly popular.  While the main theme of the presentation was the importance of consent, Cyndi presented it in a way that wasn’t preachy and approached the topic from a sex positive point of view, while being very sensitive to the diversity of sexual experience represented in the audience.  Some other topics that were discussed were gender and sexual identity and diversity, the importance of communication in every relationship and respect.  The presentation closed with a Q & A session where Cyndi answered all questions thoughtfully and honestly.  Feedback received after the event was overwhelmingly positive and I would recommend Cyndi to other university communities. ” – Kristen Doran-Stawiarski. Community Advisor. Ormond College, University Of Melbourne.

I am writing on behalf of the committee of the Women’s Wellness West Network to thank you for your participation in our seminar ‘Sex in the City’ on November 7th 2013. We received many positive comments from attendees in regard to your interesting, informative and entertaining presentation – “Women, Lust & Desire: An Approach to Sex Therapy”. It was a pleasure to watch you engage with the audience. I and the others enjoyed your presentation enormously. You are a fantastic, genuine presenter that people warm up to quickly. —Professor Lily Stojanovska MSc. PhD. Acting Director Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management. College of Health and Biomedicine. Victoria University 

Cyndi Darnell is an adult sex education expert with many years experience and a positive approach which is gentle and not at all “sleazy”. She is interested in a wide range of issues relating to sexuality and wellbeing and understands that sexual pleasure is an integral part of sexual health. Her education work embeds sexual health information within this framework. She is experienced in working with a wide range of people, meeting where they are and pursuing the issues that matter to them. She has a real commitment to this work.     —  Professor Anne Mitchell.  Deputy Director- Australian Research Centre in  Sex Health & Society. (ARCSHS)

Cyndi Darnell presented at our recent Women’s Health Night “What Women Want” at the Birregurra Community Health Centre on the 17th June 2014.The response from the audience, 120 women from the ages of 21 – 80 years was overwhelmingly positive. Cyndi was very warm in her presentation and normalised the usually fraught subject of sex and women’s libido. Cyndi had the women’s full attention and tailored her talk to the audience and the time constraints. A true professional. – Susan Langridge Community Health Nurse.  Birregurra Community Health Centre.

“I enjoyed Cyndi’s talk, I thought how gifted a speaker she is and how relaxed, funny and informative she was.”
“Cyndi {was an} excellent speaker”
“Thank you for talking openly about sex and love without guilt”
“Cyndi’s talk was very good. I also learned information tonight relevant for my granddaughters who have not yet started their periods”
“Very informative, funny but good information. Loved it”
“Great presentation. Cyndi very easy going and enlightening. Absolutely refreshing” – Birregurra seminar attendees.

Cyndi Darnell is a leader and a role model. Her creation of Pleasure Forum Australia is just one example of her ability to build space and bring together diverse communities for meaningful dialogue about sexuality and relationships. She champions sexual awareness and empowerment for everyone, including people whose erotic identities and expressions fall outside the mainstream. She is at the forefront of the sex-positive movement in Australia, and her work with individuals, couples, and groups changes peoples’ lives. Savvy, sensitive, and incredibly smart, she embodies the future of sex education around the globe.  —Tristan Taormino.  Author, Thought Leader & Sex Educator. (USA)

Cyndi Darnell is the most important new voice on the international sex education scene. Cyndi has been studying sexuality in all it’s glorious and inglorious forms for twenty years. Now armed with advanced degrees in sex therapy as well as two decades of practical experience, she is an international force for sexual awakening and global erotic interconnectivity. Cyndi is one of those rare individuals who is as brilliant in a one-on-one session as she is running a workshop. She is also one of the world’s best organizers of sex positive dialogs and events, bringing together international voices to discuss, implement and organize positive change and growth in personal, social, political and spiritual aspects of conscious sexuality. On top of all this, she is one of the warmest, funniest, most genuine human beings I know. —Barbara Carrellas. Sex Educator, Gender Activist and Acclaimed Author of Urban Tantra.

Cyndi Darnell is a sex nerd. She is fascinated by sex, pleasure and relationships and wants to help the world get the most out of their lives, bodies and relationships whether with lovers, solo play or other adventures of the body and mind. She has inspired my passion to be a sex positive advocate and educated me greatly on the many and varied ways to love and pleasure. Cyndi is at the forefront of this new and exciting movement to move away from outdated ideas of relationships, bodies and sex into a new place where we feel no shame in finding a good fit and keep learning, playing and pleasuring. I can’t recommend her high enough as a speaker, consultant, educator or therapist. — Catherine Deveny. Writer, Comedian, Social Commentator

Thank you for your fabulous workshop on the weekend! You were exactly what we’d hoped for – empowering women with knowledge and practical tips for more fun and enjoyment – and you did it all in a very entertaining way!!  You have definitely found your calling and are great at what you do! –  Fiona – Private Function

Working With Teens

Cyndi took the fear out of talking about sex, for both the children and the adults! She gently led us to a place where laughing about sex was normal. My son remarked as we drove home ‘once I saw you all laughing and talking about sex, all adults and kids in the same place, at the same time I knew I could talk to you about anything, it just didn’t seem to be a scary thing anymore’. Before Cyndi’s talk I wasn’t sure how to approach this communication with my child, but sex is a great thing and I want my child to know that, Cyndi reminded us that it even though it’s important and serious, it’s also fun and wonderful and we want our kids growing up feeling and understanding this. 

Cyndi brought a great level of expertise and understanding to our panel of teen sex talks that is unique in sexual health settings where young people are involved. She created an excellent space for discussion and kicked off what has become an excellent series.  We are truly grateful for her excellent presentation style, and her ability to engage teens in such a positive way. – Carmen Lahiff-Jenkins – Fitzroy High School. Co-ordinator of “What’s Missing In Sex Education” events.

Year 9 – University High School – Melbourne. [From the teachers]

“In the lead up to the session, Cyndi willingly engaged in a collaborative process with the teaching team, in order to understand the needs of the students and to shape the session accordingly. She brought her expertise, irreverence and commitment to the de-mystification & de-stigmatisation of sex to our cohort of year 9 students who responded with engagement and mutual respect.

Cyndi’s warmth and respect for the students was central to the success of the session.

The response from the students has been overwhelmingly positive – the only thing they would have liked more of was time – to extend and deepen the conversation.

[From the students:]

“I thought Cyndi Darnell’s session was really good and gave people a better understanding of topics like virginity and consent, and I think it was really good that she chose to acknowledge and respect the wishes of transgender people. We also got lollipops, which was a bonus!”

“What I loved the most about Cyndi Darnell’s session is how comfortable the atmosphere was in spite of the sex talk we were having. It just felt like a safe place to share what usually is a very hard thing to talk about.”

“In terms of the double session with Cyndi Darnell I think that it’s was really informative and she made it kind of easier to talk about the topic because she kind of loosened up the atmosphere making it easier to talk more openly about the topic. Cyndi made talking about a subject many people find awkward  more open and I’m sure she answered many of our questions.”

Book Cyndi For Your Next Event

It is with great pleasure that I write to commend the skill and professionalism of Cyndi Darnell. Cyndi moderated the 2012 festival’s SEX, LOVE AND INTIMACY forum. The Other Film Festival is presented by Arts Access Victoria and is recognised nationally and internationally as the world’s leading disability film festival. The festival achieved this reputation by ensuring that the experience and aspirations of people with a disability or who are deaf is at the centre of everything that the festival does. This forum is a perfect example of this commitment.

The festival met with many people working in the field of disability, recreation and sexuality prior to selecting an appropriate moderator. It was very clear to us that Cyndi would be the perfect person to perform this difficult task. She listened actively to our expectations and concerns about the staging of this intimate discussion, she identified issues that might arise and proposed strategies to manage conflict or distress and she demonstrated a level of compassion and generosity which reassured us that the presenters and audience would be conducted in a safe environment. It was also clear to us that she had an excellent grasp of the complex sexual terrain the forum would cover.

The forum itself attracted in excess of 200 people who heard from a panel of speakers that included a sex worker specialising in working with men with disabilities, a gay man from rural Victoria with cerebral palsy and a fondness for Grindr and a self-confessed “benster queer amputee freak”.

In an environment where there was an unprecedented level of disclosure of sexual preferences, intimate activities and sexual abuse, Cyndi was the calm centre of these passionate, humorous and sometimes painful confessions. She was able to move adeptly from acknowledging the importance of what someone had shared with the audience onto allowing others to make their own contribution.

It is also important to recognise that Cyndi was able to create the space for people with complex communication needs to participate in the discussion    in a meaningful way. In this, she shares the festivals commitment to access, inclusion and social justice. —Rick Randall. Arts Access Victoria – The Other Film Festival – Festival Director

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