TSOL Live With formal qualifications in adult sexuality, sexual health and psychotherapy plus an established reputation as one of Australia’s leading sexuality experts and educational event organisers/presenters, I help a variety of professionals hone their work in adult sexuality and erotic wellness education. My training is suitable for:

  • individuals
  • health organisations
  • health / medical professionals
  • teachers
  • sexuality businesses

I have had the pleasure of teaching and presenting workshops and seminars on sex, sexuality and relationships in Australia, (regularly speaking in both Melbourne and Sydney) as well as London (UK), New York  and Los Angeles. I absolutely adore presenting new information, facilitating experiential embodiment workshops and teaching practitioners how to work more comfortably with clients around sex and relationships.

Whether its questions about the anatomy of sex, through to navigating complex emotions or structuring relationships to enhance connection and satisfaction, I offer a variety of workshops and seminars to suit all sectors of the community.

I am an advocate for sexual expression in all its forms and available for consultations, public speaking & professional training for staff and industry professionals. My approach to sex and sexuality is humorous, witty and engaging, earning me a strong following and great respect from my diverse audience and also my peers and colleagues.

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My seminars and workshops for professionals include:10405611_795669643811061_3270274488296167965_n

  • Working with Sexuality for Health Professionals – full day and half day options
  • Sexuality for Mental Health Professionals – full day and half day options
  • Teaching Teachers to Teach Sex. Support for sex ed teachers in schools.
  • Sex Outside the Square. Understanding alternative sex practices & diversity in a clinical context.
  • Women’s Sexuality for Health Professionals– full day and half day options
  • Women’s Sexuality for Mental Health professionals– full day and half day options
  • Women’s Sexuality and Contemporary Relationships – full day and half day options
  • Women : Libido, Lust and Desire -Working with Women and Sexuality in a professional context – full day and half day options
  • Sexuality for Adults Living with Disabilities – full day and half day options
  • Sexuality for Young Adults & Adolescents – full day and half day options
  • Sexuality & Contemporary Relationships – Moving Beyond Intimacy – full day and half day options

I am a member of   The Society of Australian Sexologists.

IMG_20160412_000223My skills include:

  • Public speaking & professional writing on sexuality related issues
  • Creating and delivering training packages to YOUR specific requirements
  • Sexuality education for adults – from the mainstream to the alternative (including those whose sexuality sits outside the mainstream)
  • Media advice for sexuality and sexual health related issues
  • Women’s sexuality
  • Dedicated awareness of contemporary sexual health

Download a concise info kit about my work here

My primary point of difference is my emphasis on sex education for adults, eliminating the shame and embarrassment of not knowing, emphasising the importance of pleasure for health & well-being, and addressing even the raciest topics
in a fun, inclusive, intelligent & light-hearted way. If you’re looking for advice, promotion, training or ways of expanding your business in adult sexuality, I am your go-to sexuality expert and advisor.

I also offer mentoring and coaching to individual therapists and sexuality workers. More info here


Hosts include:

  • The Omega Institute. New York.
  • The Wheeler Centre
  • The School of Life
  • The University of Melbourne- Ormond College
  • The University of Melbourne Student Medical Conference
  • Victoria University
  • COGI Medical Conference Melbourne – Sex after Menopause
  • Family Planning Victoria
  • CAPEA – Childbirth & Parenting Educators of Australia
  • Australian College of Applied Psychology
  • University High School
  • North Fitzroy High School
  • ALSO foundation
  • Urban Tantra Professional Training Program
  • Minus 18
  • Women Say Something
  • Pleasure Chest Stores USA
  • Shhh! Women’s Store London
  • Los Angeles Academy of Sex Education
  • The Other Film Festival
  • Birregurra Community Health Services
  • Timboon & District Community Health Services
  • Impact Support Services
  • Max Black
  • Mildura Brewery