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I have had the pleasure of teaching and presenting workshops and seminars on intimacy and relationships in AustraliaLondon (UK), New York City and Los Angeles.

I absolutely adore presenting new information, facilitating experiential embodiment workshops and teaching practitioners how to work more comfortably with clients around communication, relationships and helpful approaches to intimacy.

Whether it’s questions about intimacy, purpose and well-being, navigating complex emotions, masterclasses in human sexuality, couples relationship workshops or transforming relationships to enhance connection and satisfaction, I offer a variety of workshops and seminars to suit all sectors of the community.

  • public speaking
  • consultations
  • private workshops at YOUR venue
  • educational seminars at YOUR venue
  • hen’s and buck’s parties
  • industry training workshops & seminars or
  • keynotes –  I can provide to your specifications.

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With formal qualifications in counseling, therapy and clinical sexology and an established reputation as a leading international sexuality expert, I help individuals, businesses & health organisations hone their work in well-being and interpersonal skills. I am available for consultations, public speaking, corporate functions & professional training for staff and industry professionals seeking learning that is as innovative as it is useful.

My approach to group training and public speaking is humorous, witty and engaging, earning me a strong following and great respect from my diverse audience and also my peers and colleagues. Whether you are interested in:

  • expanding your  skills & knowledge as health professionals
  • creating and enhancing relationship skills in the workplace or educational institution that promote harmonious interactions
  • sexuality / relationship education for universities and higher learning
  • or innovative and meaningful presentations that transform relationships and yield results at both at home and at work

you will find my offerings relevant, refreshing and inspiring.

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Contact me  or email admin(at)cyndidarnell(dot)com  to enquire about attending my workshops and / or having me come to your event. I can also create workshops or seminars to your specifications and demographic.

General Workshops / Presentations

Embodied Connections- A Sexual Masterclass for Lovers

Embodied Connections is an intimate and life-changing useful weekend workshop designed specifically for lovers to deeply transform the way you experience sexuality and intimacy.
Embodied Connections is an intimate and life-changing useful weekend workshop designed specifically for lovers to deeply transform the way you experience sexuality and intimacy. Drawing on a combination of modern techniques and ancient traditions to engage the body, heart and mind, Embodied Connections offers you new pathways to intimacy, connection and eroticism. You will be introduced to new possibilities of exploring your and your lover’s body in ways that enhance connection and eroticism in a safe and respectful environment, honouring & prioritising trust and boundaries.

This sophisticated workshop has a focus on pleasure. No sleazy tricks or manipulative games. Tasteful, contemporary and useful, this masterclass is all about you!

In this profoundly expansive weekend workshop you will be invited to:
  • Experience the secrets of multi orgasmic lovers.
  • Awaken and embody your pleasure centres.
  • Learn how sensuality and passion can be part of your daily life.
  • Cultivate more passion, pleasure and satisfaction in your sex life.
  • Learn and practice principles based in Tantra, Taoist and alternative sexuality.
  • Discover the powerful art of surrender and connection.
  • Experience deeper sensuality.
  • Explore ecstasy and erotic sensation.
  • Enhance and transform your erotic connection to your lover.
  • Embody your orgasmic potential and discover new forms of pleasure.
  • Learn and practice new techniques designed to heighten and engage your sexuality.
  • Become a better, more confident lover and learn more about lasting longer and what makes sex great.

Embodied Connections offers you and your lover this profound weekend of deep erotic and intimate exploration.

If you are ready to deepen your connection & transform your intimacy this weekend is for you. 

This workshop is not currently being offered. If you would like a private class with Cyndi, check out the coaching page for more information.

Mindfulness & Intimacy – Overcome Intimacy Problems

Mindfulness is an ancient practice based in Buddhist traditional meditation that has been adapted for the West and popularised since the 1970s. Far from being feel-good mumbo jumbo, scientists and researchers globally can attest to the effectiveness of mindfulness practices … Continued
Mindfulness is an ancient practice based in Buddhist traditional meditation that has been adapted for the West and popularised since the 1970s. Far from being feel-good mumbo jumbo, scientists and researchers globally can attest to the effectiveness of mindfulness practices to work with a variety of conditions from post traumatic stress disorder and chronic anxiety through to depression and debilitating pain. More recently a variety of studies have conclusively proven that mindfulness is also especially effective in working with problems of sex and intimacy[1]. Research has shown that low sexual desire is experienced by the majority (75%) of older women, 39% of women aged 45-64, and 22% of younger women and been effectively treated with the application of sex-specific mindfulness programs.[2] Beyond this mindfulness practices have also been helpful in working with symptoms of genital / sexual pain, gynecological cancer and distress from a history of sexual abuse.[3] The next workshop for women starts Feb 15. 2017 Info here . Download mindfulness & intimacy flyer or long form Intimacy & Mindfulness [1] Lori A. Brotto, Rosemary Basson. Group mindfulness-based therapy significantly improves sexual desire in women. Behaviour Research and Therapy 57 (2014) 43e54 [2] Shifren, J. L., Monz, B. U., Russo, P. A., Segreti, A., & Johannes, C. B. (2008). Sexual problems and distress in United States women: prevalence and correlates. Obstetrics and Gynecology, 112(5), 970e978 [3] Lori A. Brotto, David Goldmeier.  Mindfulness Interventions for Treating Sexual Dysfunctions: the Gentle Science of Finding Focus in a Multitask World. J Sex Med 2015; 12:1687–1689    

Sex, Love & Intimacy – Weekend workshop for couples.

Love, Sex and Intimacy is an intensive weekend couples retreat workshop of 15 hours of couple’s therapy (non-residential) offered in Melbourne for couples wishing to deepen their connection and enhance their communication and intimacy.
Love, Sex and Intimacy is an intensive weekend couples retreat workshop of 15 hours of couple’s therapy (non-residential) offered in Melbourne for couples wishing to deepen their connection and enhance their communication and intimacy. The outcome of the couples retreat is to develop a more profoundly connected, intimate and erotic relationship with your partner.

This workshop is not currently on offer.

See Cyndi's Private Couple's Coaching instead.


  • How to improve communication & identify blockages
  • Developing a greater sense of intimacy
  • Putting the spark back into a relationship
  • Learning to fight a fair fight
  • How friction can be used as an erotic tool
  • How to energise sex
  • Exploring erotic possibilities
This workshop is co-facilitated with Dr Christopher Fox.  

Supercharge Your Sex Life

Cyndi’s presentation will begin with a small intro into why pleasure matters and then some practical, useful and even life-changing tips and ideas on how to be a better lover including how to handle our lovers’ bodies with more confidence. Cyndi … Continued
Cyndi’s presentation will begin with a small intro into why pleasure matters and then some practical, useful and even life-changing tips and ideas on how to be a better lover including how to handle our lovers’ bodies with more confidence. Cyndi will share some secrets of Taoist erotic massage including such moves as ‘Rock Around the Cock (and Clit) Clock’ ‘The Juicer’, ‘The Vulcan Grip’, ‘Divine Drumming’ ‘Twist and Shout’ and so much more. The audience will enjoy an opportunity for a robust Q&A with Cyndi afterwards where no question is off limits. Seriously – No question… People of all ages and orientations delight in Cyndi’s hilarious and knowledgeable presentations about how sex really works. This is what you should have been taught in high school sex ed – but weren’t and how to make pleasure your priority! Perfect for hen's / buck's parties and girls nights.

The Desire Series

The Desire Series online course offers you 3 hours of video tutorial along with 11 unique and detailed worksheets designed to transform your relationship with desire, libido and intimacy. These three live webinar recordings delve deep into the most common … Continued
The Desire Series online course offers you 3 hours of video tutorial along with 11 unique and detailed worksheets designed to transform your relationship with desire, libido and intimacy. These three live webinar recordings delve deep into the most common problems many people struggle with regarding their relationship with desire, libido and rekindling passion. This program offers you tailored solutions through the carefully crafted worksheets to help you understand how your desire operates. Check it out here .
Modern relationships in modern times can leave us feeling confused, overwhelmed and inadequate. This seminar directly addresses the most popular issues that present in sex therapy today - relevant and meaningful  to ALL OF US. This is GREAT SEX- straight up, served on a  bed of humour, eloquence and compassion.  We cover some of the tricky emotional / mental terrain that can leave us feeling challenged and unsure, as well as providing some helpful strategies to get you more in-tune with your needs, your partners needs and how to better communicate them.  Whether you're poly, mono, mature, young, queer or something else entirely, the Top 10 Things you NEED to Know About Sex is a must see for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of sexuality, intimacy and relationships. ( suitable for all orientations and relationships)

What’s Missing in Sex Education – A fun class for teens, parents & teachers.

Contemporary, fun, relevant and empowering, this class is a hit with anyone interested in proven, best-practice sex education for young people.
Many people know the value and relevance of a quality sex education, but just  don't know where to start. What's Missing in Sex Education is a presentation delivered in your venue (school or club) that focuses on the parts of sex ed' that get left out of regular sex ed' in health class. All the bits about pleasure, connection, consent and the curly questions a lot of grown ups don't like answering, I am more than  happy to answer. This presentation covers top 10 hot sex topics for young people and parents in the world today, and leaves students and carers feeling more prepared and primed for making ''The Talk'' an ongoing conversation, not a one-way riot act! This class is suitable for teens, parents and teachers and embraces equality based themes on recommendations from the World Heath Organisation and evidence based best practice.
This is a seminar aimed at women, although all folks will appreciate and resonate with the information within. In an era where an estimated 55% of all women report some kind of relationship with low libido - I take the science and the literature and shine light on what both science and conventional psychological  / medical approaches are missing when dealing with women's eroticism. This is an empowering and thought provoking seminar aimed at helping women understand their own eroticism and how to access it. An ideal presentation for women's groups &  for anyone who has ever felt like they wanted more from their sexuality- but  didn't know where to start. Tasteful, intelligent and compassionate- this is my most popular women's event( This event can also be turned into a longer workshop complete with interactive activities and both personal and professional development options)
“I enjoyed Cyndi’s talk, I thought how gifted a speaker she is and how relaxed, funny and informative she was.”
“Cyndi {was an} excellent speaker” “Thank you for talking openly about sex and love without guilt”
“Cyndi’s talk was very good. I also learned information tonight relevant for my granddaughters who have not yet started their periods”
“Very informative, funny but good information. Loved it”
“Great presentation. Cyndi very easy going and enlightening. Absolutely refreshing”

Tantra Goddesses and Beyond

Hilarious and informative - Perfect for hens parties and girls nights!
This is the single most popular of my short workshops for women. This practical workshop is 60 minutes in duration and covers:
  • An introduction to Tantra and the Kundalini:  What is it, what it does and how to do it
  • Sensual techniques to amplify and extend sensual play
  • Easy secrets to enhance deeper connection and intimacy
  • The tricks of ancient Tantrikas to enhance her own orgasm
  • Getting (and giving) more enjoyment with your Lover
  • Celebrating your unique erotic self and unlocking the sensuality within
Perfect for hens parties and girls nights. Also see Supercharge your Sex Life. (No nudity, no explicit touch, interactive, practical.)

Occupy Your Inner Lover

(2 hours: practical workshop)
This is a fabulous interactive class helping you develop / expand practices including sound, breath, movement & touch to create deeper connection.  Learn techniques to help you engage more fully with yourself and your lover and learn the Tantra basics to help catapult you toward the elusive full-body orgasm. If ever you've had an interest in ''conscious sex'', Tantra, deeper pleasure, or thought- ''there must be MORE to sex than what I am having'', this is the class for YOU!( No explicit genital touch and no nudity. All ''pants-on'' exercises. All genders and orientations welcome).

Sex, Fire and Freedom

(8 hours: full day intensive practical workshop)
Sex, Fire & Freedom is a delicious one full day workshop ( 8 hours)  for all women who wish to experience a profound connection to their own unique sexual potential, away from the social and cultural restrictions that bind and restrict women’s experiences of erotic pleasure.Every woman's sexuality is potent and unique. Sometimes life, stress, work, commitments and relationships can distract us from what is at the very core of our  own well being. When we are not in tune with ourselves - its is impossible to be in tune with others and create the connections we so deeply desire. This workshop is designed specifically for the needs of ALL women  - leading you to be more of who you already are: authentic, passionate & empowered! ( read some testimonials here)
This is a workshop for lovers who are interested in taking their sexuality and their relationship a step further. In this workshop we’ll look at the inhibitors to sex and pleasure and how we can work around them to create more intimacy and connection. We’ll work on some physical techniques to get you closer than ever before and also look at ways of improving your communication to get the juices flowing in your relationship. You’ll learn how to REALLY explore your partner and reinvigorate the passion in your relationship(s) while learning more about some commonly used bedroom accessories as well as physical skills to enhance your pleasure as both a giver and a receiver.(No nudity, no explicit touch, interactive, practical.)

Dating Again: What You Need To Know

(2 hrs: seminar & workshop)
Just out of a relationship and back on the singles scene with gusto?  You’re older, wiser and more experienced in many ways, but getting it on with a new lover hasn’t happened in a while. You’re not alone and in this workshop we’ll explore getting to know yourself again in a new dating environment. This workshop will help you  work out what you want in a  lover, rather than just what you don’t want, and you’ll learn about boundary setting, saying ‘no’ and expressing yourself better. You’ll learn about the importance of physical presentation to create a good impression and creating a great online profile to attract the kind of people you want. You’ll gain dating tips and tricks to keep the conversation flowing while really getting the most out of your date and your time together. You’ll have a refresher on the importance of safer sex practices, the common STIs, their prevalence and how you can avoid them whilst still having a good time, and negotiating (or terminating) the next date.(No nudity, no explicit touch, interactive, practical.)

Women, Sex & Pleasure

(half & full day options)
Over the years, sex and sexuality have not been easy to discuss, nor have there been many places you could go to get the kind of information you really wanted to know. Doctors often don’t know much about it, and sometimes it feels too personal to ask your friends about their private sexuality. In this workshop, you will learn more about what sex and sexuality can be and how you can start having more fulfilling sex right away. This is everything you wanted to know about women’s sex and pleasure, but didn’t know who to ask. Understand more about your erotic anatomy, the G-spot and how it works, clitoral pleasure, orgasms plus the hows and whys of masturbation. You will learn more about your own sexuality by understanding just how ‘normal’ sex is, and how to improve your verbal and non-verbal communication skills to increase your pleasure and confidence.  You will understand why men and women often respond differently in the bedroom, what that means for your sex life, what can be done about it and how to better express yourself sexually. In short, this is a crash course in YOU! (No nudity, no explicit touch, interactive, practical.)

Sex Over 50

(2 hrs: seminar & workshop)
Entering the tertiary years of life need not mean turning off your libido. While you may know that your desires, arousal and abilities change as you age, the good news is there is scientific evidence to tell us we can and DO maintain a robust sex life right up until we hit the grave. This workshop is specifically for those over 50 and those who love them. Learn about what changes are going on in your body as you age, how you can offset sexual deterioration and skills and techniques that make sex more fulfilling and satisfying than it was in your younger years. We will cover tried and true techniques and encourage a lively question and answer session. This workshop is for singles and partnered people of all genders who want to ensure their pleasure and sexuality remain robust for life.(No nudity, no explicit touch, interactive, practical.)

Energising Eros

(3 hours: practical workshop)
Are you keen to take your erotic knowledge to a new level? Are you interested in deepening your sexual connection in more sensual AND powerful ways? Energizing Eros is a half day workshop for duos* (you and your lover, partner or pal) that invites you to experience your turn-ons and erotic power sources more deeply. Energising Eros is  for those who are keen to take their practice of sexuality a step further and transform good sex into mind-blowing, sensual eroticism.If you are keen to understand more about powerful, potent and conscious sex - this IS THE workshop for you!

Expanding Orgasms

(3 hours: practical workshop)
Have you ever wondered what a full-bodied orgasm feels like? Do you feel that good sex is passing you by, or are you curious about how good sex becomes mind-blowing sex? If you’ve heard of Tantra or Conscious Sex, and you’re wondering what all the fuss is about – this workshop is for you! This ‘taster’ offering is an introductory level workshop into understanding and experiencing what truly is possible in full-bodied, rich, orgasmic sexuality.


Learn More about Sex and The Body

* The seminars listed here describe anatomical constructions of the vulva and the penis. People of all genders are welcome to attend any of these seminars. Recognition of gender diversity is included within the seminar. There is no nudity or sexual touch of any kind at these seminars.

Butt, that’s not all. An Introduction to Anal Sex

(Seminar 1 hr + Q&A. Requires projector & screen)
Out of the closet and into our lives, anal sex is a hot topic for the 21st century. Many are talking about it, everyone is curious about it, and more than you probably realise have done it and loved it!  Maybe you’ve tried it and hated it, maybe you’ve tried it and loved it, maybe you’ve tried it and wondered what all the fuss was about, or maybe you’re brand new and wanting to know more. This presentation provides  an intro to anal sex for all genders, from givers to receivers and covers anal anatomy, health and pleasure. We’ll also examine some of the myths and legends about anal sex and work out what’s true and what’s not. We’ll cover the tips on doing anal properly and how to avoid the pitfalls as well as exploring the accessories to enhance anal pleasure.*no nudity or sexual touch of any kind

Squirts & Gushes: There She Blows. G-Spot, Orgasm and Ejaculation

(Seminar 1 hr + Q&A. Requires projector & screen )
Following on from the Vulva Anatomy class this seminar takes your knowledge a step further and explores women's capacity for deeper orgasm. Mystery, debate and conjecture are just some of the words heard when discussing *female orgasm. Whether you’re an orgasm expert, or looking forward to your first time, this seminar is designed for women and those who love them, to better understand how women’s sexuality and anatomy works. You will learn about different perspectives on female orgasm and ejaculation including what the G-spot is, how to find it and what to do after you’ve found it, what the clitoris is & how it provides pleasure, how the vagina responds before, during and after stimulation, why lubrication is a girl’s best friend, labia and how to love them, sex toys to help ejaculation happen and of course what female ejaculation is, what it looks like and how to make it happen for you. * The seminars listed above describe anatomical constructions broadly referred to as female / male genitalia. People of all genders are welcome to attend any of these seminars. Recognition of gender diversity is included within the seminar. There is no nudity or sexual touch of any kind at  these seminars.
*Men are pretty easily pleased!  Right?  Well, kind of.  There’s more to men and the penis than meets the eye! In this seminar you’ll learn about the erotic anatomy of the penis and testicles including the structure of the penis, how erections happen, the prostate gland, how to touch men’s bodies, what men respond to erotically and how to encourage men to have more profound and satisfying sex and longer stronger orgasms. You will learn about how the scrotum and testes (the balls) can provide pleasure as well as which areas of the penis and beyond are guaranteed to provide profound pleasure and stimulation. Whether you're new at penis play or and old hand ( no pun intended) this seminar will show you more about the erotic body and penises that you have ever known. This is a great seminar for men, people who love men and love to pleasure them!

Vulvapalooza: Understanding the Erotic Anatomy of the Vulva 

(Seminar 1.5 hrs + Q&A. Requires projector & screen )
Have you heard how much of a mystery *women are and that women’s bodies are just so confusing? Learn about the ins and outs of the erotic anatomy of the vulva including the vagina, the G-spot, the importance of the pelvic floor, the clitoris, the function and pleasure capacities of the labia and the urethra. We will bust some myths about women's bodies and replace the myths with practical useful information to enhance her pleasure. You will learn about the capacity for pleasure of this region of our bodies and how sex feels different at different stages in our cycles. You will understand more about how our sexual responses can work and how vulvas are hardwired to be erotic pleasure machines. This is a seminar for women, people who love vulvas  and want to learn more about providing maximum pleasure.

Create your own

I can provide workshops and seminars on most aspects of sexuality and pleasure. Contact me to enquire about attending any of these workshops  and / or having me come to your venue, club or party, business lunch, conference or university to teach or speak.