What Is The Difference Between Therapy and Coaching?

Couple’s Therapy or Counselling sessions are conducted as part of my regular therapeutic talk sessions. They are 50 mins in duration and we talk through issues relevant to your relationship – the things that are preventing you from having the kind of sexual relationship you want. These are ideal for couples struggling with communication, connection and are looking to get reconnected before diving into deeper sexual / erotic terrain. When appropriate we will do some physical embodiment, gestalt and somatic practices to help remove or minimise tension or anxiety. Sessions are conducted face-to-face in my Melbourne office or via Skype. More information about that here.

Couple’s Coaching is my premium service offer for couples. This unique and exquisitely tailored program is intensive & interactive, run over a full day in your choice of venue (Melbourne or beyond). The full package involves active physical participation from you and your partner to engage in a variety of transformative and life-changing embodiment experiences to help you reconnect to your body and develop a deeper connection to your sensuality, your passion and your partner. It’s sensual, passionate, powerful and energizing. It’s for couples READY to take their connection to the next level. Reasonable mobility is required. More information here.