My background in this work started in personal development, emotional processing and developing intimacy and communication skills. These skills are fundamental components of living a meaningful and fulfilling life.  In therapeutic coaching sessions we work through issues relevant to your life and overall well-being. Some of the issues relevant to you might be:

  • Establishing personal balance and peace of mind
  • Exploring identity ( Who am I? Being more authentic, developing goals, values and boundaries)
  • Grief (loss of a person, pet, job or relationship)
  • Stress and anxiety (dealing with life changes, coping with uncomfortable feelings, stress, anxiety, jealousy, intimacy and anger)
  • Relationship issues (including communication problems, exploring power and frustration)
  • Improving communication skills for work and home (identifying values, learning to ask for what you want, learning to listen, the art of negotiation and compromise)
  • Getting out of a rut and getting on with living
  • Understanding emotions (learning to be friends with them, rather than fight them)
  • Goal setting and getting motivated
  • Personal Development ( facilitating self enquiry, getting to know yourself better)
  • Family / family of origin issues ( troubles with parents / siblings etc)

How I work

I use a range of approaches in my work to help you get the best out of yourself and our time together. My modalities (ways of working) are flexible and designed to meet you right where you are at. I draw on:

  • mindfulness
  • emotional intelligence
  • body/mind therapies
  • Gestalt
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Emotion Focused Therapy
  • art therapy
  • CBT & DBT
  • and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

You are not just your thoughts

I work a lot with the body in a dynamic and therapeutic way. I see the body, mind and emotions as all being very interconnected and as part of holistic therapy I invite you to engage with all of your being, not just your brain.  While I don’t use any ”body work” in my sessions (no touching) we can explore sensations within the body to help us better understand how you’re feeling and what you need. Sometimes the mind can trick us into believing all kinds of things, but in my experience, the body never lies.

Individual and Tailored

The reason I use a variety of techniques is because no two people are the same, what works for one, will not always work for another. A one-size-fits-all approach to therapy doesn’t work, so if you are committed to your own development, I am committed to supporting you every step of the way. More than anything I enjoy the process of self- actualization; becoming and integrating more of who you are.

It is an honor to be able to facilitate your journey and walk with you.

If you are ready (or think you might be ready) to start your journey of self-inquiry, please contact me using the contact bar below.

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