For Individuals, Couples & Beyond

I have over 15 years experience studying and understanding relationships, emotions, well-being and what brings us pleasure and fulfillment in life. My private sessions offer a safe place to explore some of your most personal concerns in a trusting, supportive and safe environment. I work closely with all my clients to develop a personal approach to finding solutions and insights to their personal struggles and concerns. Sometimes we just need a little down time to reflect while others need motivation, encouragement and some grounded guidance to get them going in the right direction. There is simply no one size fits all approach, so each session is unique, especially for you.

You may just want to discuss that nagging feeling that something is missing, and together we can help you identify what that might be, whilst exploring avenues for accessing life in a more passionate, energetically contented and satisfied state. If you’re looking for specific change outcomes in your personal life, you may find that my personal coaching sessions are just the thing.

Here we can explore:

  • what might be holding you back from contentment
  • getting you out of a rut and on a new path
  • learning to communicate better and more effectively
  • finding your drive, passion and purpose
  • exploring some old hangups
  • breaking some unhelpful patterns
  • developing greater relationship / intimacy skills
  • or finding ways to overcome stress and anxiety.

This could involve discussing everything including:

  • physical experiences
  • deeper awareness of how your body, mind & emotions work
  • mental and emotional processing
  • improving emotional intelligence
  • changing your mindset
  • examining relationship dynamics, at home and at work
  • improving  communication skills
  • how you can alter your approach to working with problems and finding solutions
  • expanding your personal knowledge
  • education & myth busting
Or if you are looking for more knowledge around specific intimacy goals – you may be interested in joining me for my popular sex therapy sessions. Head to the page to find out more about how sex therapy can help you. If partnered, you may like guided instructional learning in my  couple’s  sex coaching sessions. Couples or lovers stuck in an emotional and sexual relationship rut may benefit from relationship counselling before sex therapy.

How I Work

Relationships are the cornerstone of being human. At home, at work, in our social circles or with our partners – the key ingredient is being able to navigate the human landscape of turbulent thoughts, desires and emotions. When we are able to manage the tides within us, we are more equipped to manage life no matter where we are or who we are with. Simply put, no one is exempt from being in relationships. Whether with ourselves or with others our ability to understand ourselves and communicate meaningfully is the foundation of well-being. Whilst being a specialist in intimacy, relationships and their associated issues, my approach to private sessions is in working with all of you. This means I work with you in the context of your life – not just your problems.

I have had the opportunity to discuss satisfaction and fulfillment at an intimate level with literally 1000s of people across Australia and around the world. This has lead me to the conclusion that well-being and contentment are both unique to each individual and  are vital to a richer and more meaningful life; at home, in bed, at work and anywhere we find ourselves.

My holistic approach is vital when exploring pleasure and satisfaction. This means we may need to look at how pleasure and contentment operate in your life overall, not just within a particular isolated problem or issue.

Being trained in both counselling and sex therapy I am able to offer expert assistance with troublesome thoughts, complex emotions and of course sexual concerns. I can support and facilitate your journey through this complex terrain helping you  feel more embodied, connected and present to your erotic potential and your general sense  of vitality and purpose.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Different people process emotions, sensations, learning and therapy differently. For some people just one or two sessions is enough to get them on track For those looking to really commit to change and fulfillment 6-10 sessions would be common. Some clients really enjoy our time together and find the flow on effects are beneficial in ways they could have never imagined. After that, clients may like to have top-ups every now & again when it suits them.

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