Online consultations are a flexible and accessible way to work with me from the privacy and comfort of your home, office, car or where ever you are able to spend an hour of uninterrupted time.

These kinds of sessions are especially useful for:

  • people with limited time
  • people with limited mobility
  • people living in locations where access to sex-positive services are limited
  • people seeking a more flexibility in hours
  • couples in long-distance relationships where partners are not in the same place at the same time
  • couples in the same room at the same time
  • homebodies / hermits
  • high-profile / community leaders who value discretion
  • people seeking knowledge about some specific issues or queries
  • people seeking short-term, results driven changes
  • people of all genders, orientations and sexualities warmly welcomed and encouraged.

How it works

Online coaching is easily arranged via email and consultations are conducted via Zoom anywhere in the world. Sessions are available according to your time zone and region. Check out this handy tool to see the time difference between your location and New York City where I am.

The good news is that from almost anywhere in the world, there are windows of opportunity at the beginning, the middle or the end of that day where we can connect. Sessions are offered to individuals and couples. Larger groups can be accommodated also, just ask. Logistics are swiftly arranged via email and are pre-paid for confirmation and quality assurance.

People really enjoy the ability to chat freely, at length and in depth about a variety of topics and concerns. Some just want to pick my brain about something that’s been on their mind, while others are interested in knowing more about what’s possible in their lives. Find out more about what we might discuss here.

Sessions for clients in the USA and Europe are available on a flexible schedule where possible. Generally speaking, day times and early evenings are most popular. Online consultations are billed in US dollars discretely under “Life and Soul Inc” securely through Paypal.

Sessions for Australians are available from: 5am-9am (before work) or 9pm-late (AEST) after work or shift work friendly. These are also really great for people with kids. Sessions for Australians are paid in AU dollars via direct deposit or Paypal.

New Zealanders get a very convenient 5am-noon NZ time!

Ready to book? Email for more information using the contact link below


Don’t want the hassle of dealing with times, bookings and appointments? Just have a basic question you want answered? I got you covered too!

Email coaching

I get a lot of emails from people telling me they have just one or two questions about a specific issue or problem in their relationship or about their sexuality. Others want to ‘buy me a coffee’ about what it’s like to do this work or to check on something they read or heard somewhere about sex, intimacy or mindfulness but they’re not sure if it’s true or not. Some want fast answers. Some want anonymous Q&A…

In other words, there are a lot of people who are seeking information about sex and relationships, but are not seeking ‘therapy’ nor want to invest huge sums of money in long term coaching! This is the solution!

More affordable and faster than face-to-face or video consultations, email coaching is a great and efficient way to get the information you seek from a trusted and reliable source.

How it works

Use the purchase link here to buy your email session. This fee is good for one full exchange. That means one email from you and one very thorough response from me including tips, ideas, links and suggested materials to get you on your way.

Once processed, you and I will receive an automated email confirming your purchase. It’s super important your email address is correct – one wrong letter means I cannot reply to you. I will then send you a form where you can ask your question. This form is simple and designed to help you really get clear on what you are asking so you can get the most value from the exchange.

Within 72 hours you will receive my reply; specific, tailored and full of ideas and suggestions.

It’s really that easy!

Payments are all billed in US dollars from Life and Soul Inc.

About me

Originally from Australia and now enjoying a new life in New York City, I am a qualified clinical sexologist. You have likely seen me on Luke Warm Sex on Netflix, and as a contributor in The Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Vice, Cosmopolitan and so much more. I’m published in both The Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy and The Journal of Sex Education.

Read my full bio here which includes my clinical qualifications:

  • Master of Health Sciences (Sexual Health) (University of Sydney)
  • Master of Narrative Therapy & Community Work (University of Melbourne)
  • Post Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Human Services (La Trobe University)
  • Post Graduate Diploma of Applied Linguistics (La Trobe University)
  • Bachelor of Education (La Trobe University)

What kind of questions can I ask?

In short, nothing is off limits. I am especially knowledgable about topics including but not limited to:

  • Erections (got em? don’t got em? want em?)
  • Orgasms (too much / too many / not enough / not at all)
  • Desire & libido difficulties
  • Arousal difficulties
  • Ejaculation problems
  • Concerns around porn consumption / seeing sex workers / attending sex parties / hook-up sex
  • Bored within a relationship
  • Reinvigorating a long-term relationship
  • Making time for fulfilling sex
  • Dealing with differences in libido
  • Dealing with changes in ageing
  • Dealing with changes in a relationship
  • Making sense of fantasies, turn on’s and other kinds of arousal
  • Exploring function / dysfunction and satisfaction
  • Exploring open relationships and non-monogamy
  • Exploring kink and alternative sex practices
  • Starting and ending relationships
  • Learning about your body or your lovers’ body

*It’s important to note that email consultations are not nor are intended to be a replacement for clinical psychotherapy. The nature of email consultations may be therapeutic and beneficial, but it is not considered nor offered as therapy of any kind. In my role as a qualified, clinical sexologist, I offer suggestions and knowledge based on clinical research and best practice approaches.

**These exchanges are not offered with the intention of being intimate, explicit nor erotic. No judgement, that’s just not the service I am providing here!

***Advice about domestic violence, abuse and other such violations, chronic mental health issues or suicidal ideation are not suitable topics for email coaching. Instead, find a -to-face therapist or social worker in your area to assist with this.