The Desire Series

desire_thumbnailThe Desire Series online course offers you 3 hours of video tutorial along with 11 unique and detailed worksheets designed to transform your relationship with desire.

These three live webinar recordings delve deep into the most common problems many people struggle with regarding their relationship with desire, and offer you tailored solutions through the carefully crafted worksheets to help you understand how your desire operates.

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Introducing The Pleasure Mechanics

I cannot say enough about how wonderful The Pleasure Mechanics are. Not only do they host the finest (seriously) sex podcast in the world Speaking Of Sex, they also offer the best practical instructional videos and online courses covering the most useful aspects of touch, I have ever seen.

I do not throw my weight behind products without thoroughly loving and endorsing them myself, and it’s with absolute pleasure that I invite you to access to these delightful, informative and practical courses that will change your relationship to sex and pleasure and touch forever. (Bonus… some of my work is featured in the Mindful Sex course so you get me and The Pleasure Mechanics together!) Each badge below takes you to their individual courses.