9 Sex Games That Can Help Grow The Passion In Your Relationship

“To grow passion, couples can make sure their sex life does not become routine,” Cyndi Darnell, sex and relationship therapist, tells Bustle. “One of the things we know about desire is that it thrives on variety. Neuroscience, while a relatively new field of knowledge, suggests that the brain’s capacity to influence libido is great, since the brain controls our capacity for both wanting and liking things.”

She says that when the brain becomes accustomed to what is ‘repeated,’ its capacity for wanting that thing may be reduced. But this doesn’t mean you no longer like it — the context is such that you do not want it. “Think loud music while we are trying to sleep,” Darnell says. “It doesn’t mean we don’t like or love loud music — we just do not want it in that context.”