Sex, Fire and Freedom: A One Day Sexual Discovery Workshop for Women. London UK.


Do you long to feel more connected to your

vitality, passion & potent


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 Sunday October 5th. 2014

London U.Kunion-jack-old

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 In this workshop you will_I4C8845

  • receive unbridled permission to be YOU
  • access your deepest potent sexuality
  •  feel an embodied sense of authentic eroticism
  • learn techniques to harness  your power and keep it there
  • identify & transform old, familiar beliefs that are blocking you
  • learn how to give and receive erotic pleasure
  • learn  how to create space for passionate sex
  • access the energy that brings more connection to your relationships
  • harness the passion that will give you that ”something extra”
  • and  build a tool box of resources to help redefine your erotic self.

Through a combination of easy to follow embodiment techniques, movement, connection, erotic skill development, experiential  play, group discussions and individual reflections this workshop will support you into creating your OWN pathway for pleasure & freedom in ways you have never felt before.

Imagine experiencing the FREEDOM that is your very own luscious, embodied, erotic potential!

(…..and all with keeping your pants on! REALLY!)

How is this possible?

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Sex, Fire & Freedom is a delicious one day workshop for all *women who wish to experience a profound connection to their own unique sexual potential, away from the social and cultural restrictions that bind and restrict women’s experiences of erotic pleasure.

If you have been putting off rebooting your sex life-  the time is NOW. This is the program for YOU!

Every woman’s sexuality is potent and unique. Sometimes life, stress, work, commitments and relationships can distract us from what is at the very core of our  own well being. When we are not in tune with ourselves – its is impossible to be in tune with others and create the connections we so deeply desire.

This workshop is designed specifically for the needs of ALL women  – leading you to be more of who you already are

authentic, passionate & empowered

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 Barbara CarrellasCyndi Darnell is the most important new voice on the international sex education scene. Cyndi has been studying sexuality in all it’s glorious and inglorious forms for twenty years. Now armed with advanced degrees in sex therapy as well as two decades of practical experience, she is an international force for sexual awakening and global erotic interconnectivity. Cyndi is one of those rare individuals who is as brilliant in a one-on-one session as she is running a workshop. She is also one of the world’s best organizers of sex positive dialogs and events, bringing together international voices to discuss, implement and organize positive change and growth in personal, social, political and spiritual aspects of conscious sexuality. On top of all this, she is one of the warmest, funniest, most genuine human beings I know. –Barbara Carrellas –  Acclaimed Author of Urban Tantra

In this workshop you will:

Journey into Fire and Desire

Let go of your sexual BLOCKS and embrace your EROTIC POWER . Learn permission granting strategies to get you into a frame of mind that encourages sexuality to flow & keep  it that way!

Feel  Your Erotic Charge(s)

Identify what Really Really Really turns you on and gets your drivers firing

Connect & Play with Energy, Power & Surrender

Women crave deeply passionate sexual exchanges. Playing with power in sexuality is a HUGE part of that. Learn how to harness this energy and play with it safelyjoyfully and most importantly  erotically from a place of love , care and total freedom.  Experience the liberation that lies in your true erotic potential.

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Transform Your Erotic Experience

batch003-166So often women are lead to believe that sexuality  is something somehow dangerous- fearful or even downright WRONG- We will learn about and explore ways that society, the media, friends, family and partners’ perceptions of female sexuality impact us and and distract us from feeling and living more of who we are- as sexual beings.

Feel More of Your Sexual Possibilities

In a safe and inclusive environment- away from the prying eyes of family, lovers or kids- you will have the opportunity to safely experience what eroticism can feel like ( without having to  even get naked!!!) You will be given the opportunity to experience sexuality away from the rules that tell us how female sexuality SHOULD look- rather than HOW IT ACTUALLY IS for YOU.

Connect to How Sex Works in Your Body, Mind and Heart

For so many of us, sexuality becomes something we think about, theorise about or push away rather than actually living, eating and breathing it. By practicing to FEEL sexuality and freedom in your body through a series of body-based activities ( no nudity or genital touch) to get you out of your head and INTO your body- you will have the chance to feel your sexual essence in ways you may never have before.

Cath DevCyndi Darnell is a sex nerd. She is fascinated by sex, pleasure and relationships and wants to help the world get the most out of their lives, bodies and relationships whether with lovers, solo play or other adventures of the body and mind. She has inspired my passion to be a sex positive advocate and educated me greatly on the many and varied ways to love and pleasure. Cyndi is at the forefront of this new and exciting movement to move away from outdated ideas of relationships, bodies and sex into a new place where we feel no shame in finding a good fit and keep learning, playing and pleasuring. I can’t recommend her high enough as a speaker, consultant, educator or therapist. — Catherine Deveny. Writer, Comedian, Social Commentator

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*No nudity or explicit sexual touch. This workshop is open to all women (trans inclusive) of all orientations, single, poly, coupled etc.

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When: Sunday October 5th. 2014

Where: London UK  (address supplied upon booking / registration)


Time : 10.00am- 5.30pm
Provided: Tea, coffee, non- alcoholic drinks & snacks.
Attendees will need to bring: A large cushion / pillow and a blanket, notebook and pen any supplementary dietary requirements. Lunch not provided.

Registration confirmation: on receipt of payment
Cancellations  more than 30 days prior to the event: A 50%  cancellation fee applies. 
Cancellations 14-29 days prior to the event: A cancellation fee of 25% of workshop price will be  refunded. 
Cancellations less than 14 days prior to the event: No refund. Full fees apply. 
Transfer of registration: Registrations can be transferred in full to another participant on notification to Amanda Gay Love via writing.

for all admin inquiries email    –

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