Dec 022014

Cyndi spends some time chatting with Daniel Burt on Elastic Manifesto on Melbourne’s RRR as we explore “D” for Desire.  It’s Triple Rintense, it’s big, it’s long, it’s bawdy and maybe even controversial. Click image to be taken to the ”On Demand” link or click here.

Nov 182014

sex-nerd-sandraWhile recently in USA, I had the pleasure of being ‘had’ and interviewed by the delightful and quirky Sex Nerd Saaaandra ( you’ll get the joke when you tune in)  of In this in depth and meaty interview, Sandra and I get real and raw about what makes for getting the sex you really want, navigating new sexual terrain, the difference between being a sex therapist and a sex educator and why I love both, but how they are such different skills. We also cover how gender roles are being redefined, how unnatural sex  really is and well a whole lot more. Strap yourselves in for this one. It’s intense, it’s passionate and it’s online here.

Jun 262014

Cyndi chats with Jon Faine on Revolutions ABC 774 about changing attitudes to sex and relationships. Recorded June 18. 2014. Click image for audio.774

Jan 132012

Wow. What an exhilarating day! Talk about PLEASURE overload.

Pleasure of course can  be sourced from a squillion locations both internally and externally, and today mine came in the form of the GLORIOUS Catherine Deveny AND everyone of you who popped by my site and followed me on Facebook and Twitter leaving your comments of praise and encouragement!

By 7pm this evening, our podcast on vaginas and some of their workings had had over 1000 hits which really screams that there are a whole lotta folk TRULY interested in genuine, intelligent conversations about sex and sexuality and its function in our lives.

I am just thrilled at the response from the listeners. I love your comments and your questions. Keep ’em coming.


With pleasure




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